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Play MakeHERS was created for Women, by Women. The Play MakeHers traveling Clinics&Panels are designed to provide a safe, inspiring and welcoming space for young women of all ages to develop their skills both on and off the court.

With the guidance of an experienced, predominantly female coaching staff, Play MakeHER Clinic attendees are able to challenge themselves through various drills and competitions in a judgment free zone, with like minded girls of their age.

Through the Play MakeHERS Panels, young Women are granted direct access to have their sports, educational, and aspirational questions answered by a panel of Women they can emulate. The Play MakeHERs Panels are comprised of diverse groups of women from within and around the sports industry, who have reaped from the many benefits athletics has to offer and are ready to pay it forward by sharing knowledge they gained first hand from their own experiences.


The Play MakeHERS Clinics are traveling, immersive, hands-on, all women's, basketball skills clinics designed to create a safe and welcoming space for k-12th grade young women hoopers to get better and have fun. 

With a predominantly Women coaching staff, clinic attendees will be put through a series of warm-ups, ball handling, shooting, offensive and defensive drills to help develop their on court skills.


It is important for young women to see and hear from relatable female role models, who have already achieved some of the many goals these young women are now setting for themselves. The Play MakeHERS Panels are designed with that in mind.


Comprised of Women from all over the sports industry, Play MakeHER Panelists are available to answer questions and address a range of topics, from personal motivation, recruiting, college experiences, professional play and careers, and ways to develop off court skills. 

Up-Coming Clinic & Panel

 Dates & Locations

Play MakeHERS Clinic All-Star Edition 

Saturday Feb 15th, 2020



Play MakeHERS Panel All-Star Edition

Saturday Feb 15th, 2020




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Come Out and Support our Holiday Food Drive! 

Play MakeHERS in partnership with the Orlando Magic and the Gordon Family Giving Foundation is hosting a food drive to benefit United Against Poverty (UAP). Its purpose is to uplift and empower families in economic need and provide them with the initial means to become self-sufficient. Learn more about United Against Poverty

On December 21, 2019,

from noon to 1pm

at the Amway Center – Practice Court,

clinic participants and panel attendees are encouraged to bring the most useful food items: 


Baby Food | Bottled Water | Canned Fruit (pop top lid) | Cereal Bars | Canned Beans | Canned Potatoes| Canned Soup | Ensure | Jams or Jellies | Oatmeal | Pasta | Peanut Butter | Rice | Small Boxed Cereal | Saltine Crackers | Tuna | Vienna Sausage

Play MakeHERS Give Back



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